Operating a cannabis-based business means addressing a host of transactional and compliance needs that will continue to change in such an emerging industry. While licensing and compliance are obviously key considerations, companies must also address a variety of other areas of the law such as finance, insurance coverage, environmental, labor, and employment, as well as general liability and intellectual property protections. It is imperative that contractual agreements for these and other business operations include provisions suited to the unique needs of a cannabis business.

Our attorneys assist medical and adult-use cannabis businesses with their operations and contracting needs. We also represent companies that are preparing to apply for adult-use and medical cannabis licenses in the Commonwealth. Whether you have questions about corporate structure, finance, risk management, or business formation, we can help. We encourage you to contact one of our attorneys directly or email us at  

Managing Legal Risk While Operating a Cannabis Business in Virginia

When it comes to cannabis operations, our primary goal is to eliminate — or mitigate as much as possible — our client’s risk. Given the unique and dynamic legal environment, cannabis companies entering the Virginia market should be confident that their practices, policies, and contracts are as compliant as possible.

To help our clients effectively manage their risk, we provide services including:

Corporate Structuring and Financing

From entity selection to deciding whether to establish a business in Virginia, we assist in all aspects of business formation. Our attorneys prepare ownership agreements, bylaws, meeting minutes, and the other documentation necessary to appropriately structure cannabis entities and establish liability protection for their owners.

We also assist with financing matters as well and have particular experience with helping to secure financing in the cannabis industry. 

Contract Drafting and Negotiations

There is nothing more dangerous than a poorly written contract. We leverage decades of experience to ensure the appropriate rights and protections are in place to mitigate your risk and legal exposure, as well as protect your overall business interests. Our lawyers have significant experience drafting and negotiating employment agreements, vendor contracts, customer contracts, and other agreements for cannabis-based businesses, pharmacies, and other businesses that sell and distribute cannabis-based products.

Speak with a Virginia Cannabis Attorney at Macaulay Jamerson Satterlund & Sessa

If you have questions or concerns about your company’s operational risk or need an attorney for contract matters, we invite you to reach out to one of our attorneys directly or to email  

All services rendered by Macaulay Jamerson Satterlund & Sessa in connection with the operation of a cannabis business are intended to comply with Rule 1.2(c)(3) of the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct. Rule 1.2(c)(3) states that an attorney may “counsel or assist a client regarding conduct expressly permitted by state or other applicable law that conflicts with federal law, provided that the lawyer counsels the client about the potential legal consequence of the client’s proposed course of conduct under applicable federal law.”