Securing the passage of a budget amendment is a unique aspect of government relations. It is not enough for a lobbyist to have strong relationships at the Capitol. The lobbyist also needs technical expertise and credibility. At Macaulay Jamerson Sattlerund & Sessa, we have been advocating for budget amendments for our clients for more than 20 years. 

The first step is to understand the agency that will be impacted by the amendment.  The second step is to work with that agency to determine how the amendment can succeed.  Finally, the lobbyist must work with the legislators and the governor, as well as their staff, to get the amendment into the final budget.  

We have established productive working relationships with the key legislators and the money committee staff.  Money committee staff members are unique.  In many cases, they have overseen their policy areas for more than 20 years and know every nook and cranny.  As a result, legislators give them great deference.  Justifiably so. Our firm’s appreciation for the role of staff, and our respectful dealings with them, give us a tremendous advantage in lobbying for our client’s budget items.